Kitsune Retsu

Young Mantis (Fox) Shugenja


Encountered at Pale Oak Castle

KITSUNE RETSU, MANTIS SHUGENJA. This young man is 15 years
old, just past gempukku, and is on only his second trip away
from the Kitsune lands. He is a handsome youth, although
easily startled or embarrassed, especially by pretty women.
His father is a minor lord of the Kitsune family. (Depending
on when your campaign is set, Retsu may be representing an
independent Fox Clan rather than the Mantis.) Retsu is an
earnest and impressionable young man. He will quickly be
won over by the appeals of the Phoenix Clan, and speaks out
against the evils of war. “Our own family lives in close harmony
with the animals and spirits of nature – and in nature,
there is no war.”

Kitsune Retsu

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