Shinjo Agui & Shinjo Shujiri

Unicorn Twins


Encountered at Pale Oak Castle.

SHINJO AGUI AND SHINJO SHUJIRI. These two representatives of
the Shinjo family are brothers, separated by a year. Agui has
trained with the Iuchi as a shugenja, while Shujiri is a bushi.
Agui is cheerful and friendly, with no prejudices or enmities,
and likes to indulge his skills with the fl ute. Shujiri seems a
similar man, also with musical tastes – he plays taiko drums,
and their musical duets tend to be wild and quick, full of the
spirit of the open steppe. However, Shujiri seems more serious
and morose than Agui, and tends to be a bit anti-social,
especially around Scorpions. (He is being blackmailed by the
Scorpion Clan, due to a past personal failing.) Neither of these
men has any particular goal or purpose at the tournament,
beyond representing their clan honorably and well.

Agui assisted in the murder investigation by communing with the elemental Kami at the murder scene.

Shinjo Agui & Shinjo Shujiri

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